Here we show different customization of the compartment insert for the secret compartment in the center console of Mercedes' W211 on customer request.

3D printing makes a difference!

Due to our in-house production of maxi fans with the 3D printing process, such adaptations in quantity 1 are no problem. Depending on the effort of the changes to the CAD model, we charge a small surcharge compared to the normal price.

Case 1: Depth limitation

Desired to limit the depth of the compartment to 10cm, so that smaller items do not disappear in the depth of the compartment. The lighting in cold white should remain.

Case 2: Dividing wall with opening for cell phone charging cable

Here, a dividing wall and an opening at the back were to create a charging station for the smartphone, including lighting in amber yellow.

Would you also like an individual unique piece?

Just Contact us – we are looking forward to your idea!

Delivery time: 1-3 days *

plus Shipping (5,90 € internationally)

27,90  - 43,90 

Larger, optional illuminated insert for the storage compartment under the Radio in the Mercedes W211/W219

Delivery time: 5-7 days *

plus Shipping (5,90 € internationally)


Individual modification of a compartment insert to be ordered separately

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